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We have many adoptable cats of all ages who would appreciate being adopted into loving homes.  The cat listed are spayed or neutered and have tested “negative” for feline leukemia and FIV.  We have additional adoptable cats listed on the Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary’s page on  (One way to access our page is by entering our zip code of 44026.)

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Zelda, about 13, is an affectionate, very pretty senior kitty with big green eyes who survived the fire that destroyed the former home of Jeanne Bones, the Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary director. She would prefer be the solo pet in a household, however she can and will make you feel totally loved!  We hope she will soon be in the comfort of a home with plenty of love for her.  She is a short-haired, medium-sized, gray and black tiger tabby cat with a white bib and a hint of gold in some of her fur, tummy and paws.


Chesterland, Ohio
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Hercules is a  short-haired, pale orange and white, 4 year old nice cat.  Hercules has a defect with one of his eyes, but he does not need any special care for it.
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The cats  below are shown along with a brief description. 
Rebecca, 6, very friendly female, short-haired white with black fur
Rosa Marie, 4, short-haired tortie, calico and white tuxedo cat
Whisper,4, friendly, medium-haired and rather large black female cat
Denver, about 4, long-haired tuxedo male, loves people, dislikes other cats
Cheddar, 8, short-haired, medium-large, orange female cat
Inky, 14, very sweet, female, short-haired black cat
Squeak, 7, declawed, short-haired, gray and black tiger female
Freddie, nice, about 3, short-haired, male white cat with black patches
Simba, a very large, short-haired black male cat
Anna, a short-haired gray tabby.



Chardon police officer James Klima holds “Jeepers,” a tabby he rescued in the midst of snowy, freezing weather.  She was apparently abandoned, which was especially difficult for a cat who is declawed on all four paws and only has a few tiny teeth!  Officer Klima and his fiancée, Stefanie Mach (holding their infant daughter, Olivia), helped the starving cat a great deal after rescuing her, but couldn’t keep her.  Jeepers, whose age is estimated at between 5 and 10, has recovered nicely at the Chardon Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. David Allmon, DVM, and his staff members (including veterinary assistant Bethany Stange, at left) have given her both professional treatment and personal attention.  The Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary has partnered with the vet hospital to help Jeepers.  Interested potential adopters can go to the Chardon Veterinary Hospital at 12807 G.A.R. Hwy. or call there at 440.286-1611. 
Sandy, a white and orange short-haired male